quinta-feira, novembro 08, 2012

Volvo FH16

Volvo FH16, originally uploaded by Rolic.
Este vai para os fans da linha Model Team!

Além do design do Volvo estar brilhante, o que cham a atenção são os detalhes em cinza, todos feitos com peças, sem o uso de adesivo!!

Excelente modelo para apreciarmos e utilizarmos seus detalhes em nossos mocs!

Via Flickr:
Yes, that's right. The front weels are poseable. I actually was able to create working stearing from stearing wheel and still have the cabin tiltable, but the technique ate quite a lot of space. And when I actually placed all the cabin in place - it was too much stress for the system to actually stear the wheels - however - the system worked just find when I hold the front up. Since I'm not actually going to play with it, I went for just poseable front weels and have the radiator instead :) What you saying about that choise?

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